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Air Ambulance Memberships


AirLink Critical Cae Transport

Every second counts in a medical emergency. No one knows that better than the flight crew at AirLink Critical Care Transport, an emergency air ambulance service that covers 130,000 square miles in Oregon. Based in Bend, AirLink is ready to respond at a moment's notice 24-hours-a-day, every day.

LifeflightImportant Information About Lifeflight and Airlink
Currently there are two air ambulance providers, Lifelight and Airlink , that serve the Lake Chinook Fire District. In the past, these two agencies honored each other’s membership programs in the event a member of either air ambulance companies used the service. This has now changed. So, if you and your family are members of Lifeflight, and Airlink is called to transport you or a family member, your expenses will not be covered. The reverse is true for Airlink members.

The only way to ensure coverage for an air ambulance transport is to purchase memberships from both agencies. You can inform your physician, and fire department that you are a Life Flight Network member or an Airlink Member, however there is no guarantee your request will be honored. Your requested transport helicopter may not be the closest or the one that is available. AirLink will continue to be the primary air ambulance for St. Charles Health System, including Mt. View Hospital.

MASA Fills the Gaps Left by Your Health Insurance

MASA Medical Transport Solutuions

Emergency transportation is extremely expensive and if your provider is out-of-network, you become responsible for a majority of the bill. Recently, The New York Times reported that 51% of all ground ambulance rides result in out-of-network charges. Essentially, that means you have a 50/50 chance of being billed thousands of dollars after an emergency… And that’s not even including your copay or deductible. MASA Members enjoy full coverage and peace of mind when it comes to emergency transportation. No matter where you are, what happens or why you need help, we take the bill and leave you with a $0 balance. Check out MASA Here

Membership questions should be directed to Airlink or Lifeflight or MASA.
Airlink Membership office: 541-706-6305 or 800-353-0497 www.airlinkcct.org
Lifeflight(800) 232-0911 (503) 678.4364 www.lifeflight.org
MASA Medical Transport Solutions Check out MASA Here