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Outdoor Burning Permits


Outdoor Fires

An outdoor burning permit will be required at any open outdoor fire location this inculdes campfires, burn barrels, propane devices, and yard debris materials. Burning of domestic waste, commercial waste, demolition material, industrial waste, land cleaning debris or field burning is prohibited under this permit. OAR 340-264-0180 provides for a letter permit authorization for open burning under certain circumstances in which open burning otherwise would be prohibited.

Outdoor burning permits are issued and effective November 1st - October 31st each year.

Special use permits

Special use permits are required for commercial use, commercial burning, bonfires and other special burning activities. Commercial, Agricultural, and Industrial Burn Permits: Such burning is prohibited unless, in addition to any permit issued by the Lake Chinook fire & Rescue Fire Protection District, a permit is obtained from the appropriate land managrment agency.

Special use permits are available by contacting the fire district at 541-629-8911 or permits@lakechinookfireandrescue.org

RENEW PERMITS- Apply Online (ON or AFTER November 1st.)

If you have a burning permit number later than 1601, you may renew your permit online. If you do not have a current permit, or are a new property owner, or do not have a green address sign or red 9-1-1 sign, you must contact the fire district at 541-629-8911 or permits@lakechinookfireandrescue.org

PLEASE NOTE: Your current outdoor burning permit will epire ON October 31st. Permits are issued from Nov.1 and Expire on October 31st each year. Please renew your permits online ON or AFTER November 1st.


Fire Restrictions
Fire Danger -MODERATE

For Current Burning
Information Call
BLM,Grasslands & USFS

Burning Ban

Outdoor Burning is Prohibited
June - October.

Debris Burning is allowed 7:00am to Noon Please call 541-410 5077 for daily outdoor burning regulations If your fire gets out of control

Burn Barrel Regulations

• Clear combustible material 10 feet from around the base of the burn barrel.
• Must be located at a minimum of 25 feet away from combustibles, structures or property lines.
• Cover the burn barrel with ¼ inch mesh screen to entrap embers.
• No holes may be in the barrel except for air holes not more than ¼” inch in diameter. Holes may not be caused by rust rot.
• Only dry paper may be burned, no plastics