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Public Reords Requests


All public records requests must be made in writing (by mail, in person delivery, fax, or electronic transmission). Persons are encouraged to use the standard Public Records Request Form provided by the District, although other forms of written requests will be accepted if all the information required on the standard form is provided.

Requests shall be submitted directly to the Fire Chief by the person making the request. Requests can be submitted through the District’s website (www.lakechinookfireandrescue.org) or can be made in person, by mail, by facsimile or via electronic mail, and shall be directed to: Public Records Request Lake Chinook Fire and Rescue, 11700 SW Graham Rd Culver, OR 97734 541-629-8911 (phone); 503.296-2418 (fax).

The District shall respond to all requests as soon as practical and without unreasonable delay as workload and availability permits.

The District will provide to the requestor an estimate of the costs incurred by the District to provide the requested documents, including copying charges, research time (if required), and redaction of materials. Upon receipt of the cost estimate, the requestor must confirm to the District in writing that the requestor wishes for the District to proceed with the request.

 If the estimated cost is $25 or more, the District will require a deposit in the full amount of the estimate before fulfilling the request. If the actual costs incurred by the District to respond to the request are more than the amount deposited, the District may charge the requestor for all such additional costs, and may require an additional amount be deposited before any additional work on fulfilling the request proceeds. If the actual cost exceeds the estimate, the District will not release the documents until the fee is received in full. If the cost estimated is less than $25, the District will fulfill the request and present the requestor with an invoice to be paid before release of documents.

Upon receipt of payment the District will contact the requestor and arrange for inspection of the original public records, or to pick up the copies, or to confirm the copies are to be mailed, and advise of the final cost which must be paid before inspection occurs or the copies are provided.

Download the Public Records Request Form

Download the Word Doc form