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Boater Safety and Water Rescue

Members of the Lake Chinook Fire & Rescue Water Rescue Team would like to remind boaters and swimmers to be safe on Lake Billy Water RescueChinook this summer. Adults as well as children should wear life vests when boating or fishing.

Be alert for snags and rocks both at the waters’ surface and below especially near the headwaters by the deadline.

Carry a cell phone with you. Protect yourself
from the sun; wear a hat and sun screen lotion.
If fishing alone, let others know of your
plans; where you are heading, and when you
are to be expected home. Take drinking water
and a snack with you. And remember, even
on the hottest of days, the lake’s temperature
remains cold, especially on the Metolious arm.

Do not hesitate to call 911 during an emergency.

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