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For thousands of years wildland fires have moved across Oregon’s landscape. In the early 1900’s, European settlers began to suppress these fires resulting in unnatural fuels buildup. As a result, wildfires have increasingly impacted communities, especially those developing in the Wildland‐Urban Interface (WUI); an area where wildland fuels and residences are intermixed. The result has been an increase in the number of homes lost each decade to wildfire.

Lake Chinook Fire and Rescue Fire District takes a proactive approach to wildfire. Through extensive fire prevention, public education, signage and community envolvement, our natural caused wildfires have dropped dramitically in the past 10 years. Our lightning tracking program has proved successful. since its implementation in 2008, all lightning starts within the district have been held to less tha an acre.

As property owners, it is paramount you join in the fight to prevent wildfire. Become involved in community activities like Firewise (www.firewise.org/). Be sure your property can withstand the threat of wildfire by maintaining your defensible space. Schedule a FREE wildfire risk assessment with a representative of the Lake Chinook Fire and Rescue Fire Protection District.

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