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Vehicle Fire Training

Vehicle Fire Training - LCF&R firefighters are trained in vehicle fire suspression. This recent training was held at Jefferson County Fire District #1. DPSST (Department of Public Safety Standards and Training held th training session onn their new vehicle fire prop. The prop simulates real an actual vehicle fire. Crews are taught proper attack tactics, hose and nozzle handling.

Geneva 14 Fire

Geneva 14 Fire - August 16 2013. Lightning caused fire started 2.5 mile west of the Three Rivers subdivision. The fire burned 153 acres mostly on private lands protected by oregon Dept. of Forestry. Lake Chinook Fire & Rescue crews were initial attack on the fire, and were hired on the fire for for the following 3 days. No structures were threated. Video Clip

Burn to Learn 12Burn - to - Learn - April 2012 Burn- to - Learn was held along Lakeview Dr just south of That Way Ln. The training was conducted on the steep slopes of Little Canyon in the Three Rivers Subdivision. The training utilized uphill and downhill progressive hoselays.


Geneva 12 FireGeneva 12 Fire - Geneva 12 fire threatened the Three Rivers subdivision August 6, 2012. The fire was the result of a lightning strike to the south the evening before. The fire burnt to 25 feet of entering the subdivision, The wildfire was stopped by a burnout operation on the south side of Graham Rd just feet from structures in the subdivision. Video Clip Video Clip


Wildland Engine OperationsEngine Ops Training - LCF&R firefighters are trained extensively in Engine Operation. Most initial attacks on wildfire in the district utilize our Type 4 and Type 6 engines in the suppression operations. These different sizes (Types) are depending upon how many gallons of water they hold and the gallons per minute (GPM) the pump can produce. Firefighters train in several engine initial attack suppression tactics including tandem attack, mobile attack and control during firing operations.

Central Oregon Spring Wildland Academy

All - Hazard Training
Fire Fighter Training

Propane Prop TrainingPropane Tank Fire - Firefighters will extinguish fires that simulate a flammable liquids fire, a gas meter fire, pipeline fire, a large propane tank fire, and a tanker Firefighters will work in teams of 5 firefighters that approach the flaming props and turn valves off to stop the leaking gas. Firefighters will be wearing full protective clothing and self contained breathing apparatus.


Community Events

2014 Emergency Services Expo2014 Emergency Services Expo - The 7th Annual Emergency Services Expo was held June 21nd at the Three Rivers Rec Hall. We would like to thank all of our guests, property owners, and agencies who participated. Each year LCF&R showcases emergency services, wildland and public safety agencies who help serve and protect the Three Rivers, Grandview, Lake Billy Chinook area.

Our goal is to promote Wildland fire education, defensible space through Firewise and Ready Set Go, emergency preparedness, Red Cross Interventions,  family fire prevention,  Emergency 911, Emergency medical services, critical care transport, FireMed and Air Ambulance subscriptions, water and Boater safety.