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How To Be Wiser About Wildfires  

Voice of San Diego - Aug 30, 2010
Updated: 11:29 am, Mon Aug 30, 2010. This is the season to get the message out that although wildfires can be extremely destructive, they are not like tsunamis or tornadoes: with the right information, people have a chance to make wise choices, and can reduce their risk of losing a home by making the wisest...

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Preparing your Household for Natural Disasters


BobVila.com - Sep 01, 2010
If a disaster strikes, will you be ready? Here's how to prepare and respond to most natural emergencies.

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Wildfire lifesaving tips offered by NFPA’s Firewise  

The Bigred Guide - Aug 27, 2010
The Great Fire of 1910 ranks second on the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) list of deadliest incidents in the U.S. During the summer of 1910, forest fires burned an estimated 3 million acres in Idaho and Montana.

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Fire Adapted Communities
Living in a Fire Adapted Community Means that you are prepared means that you are prepared for the next wildfire.
Fire Adapted Communities reduce suppression and protection costs without compromising safety. Learn more about fire adapted community concepts here.