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Outdoor Burning Permits

Fire District Outdoor Burning Permits.
Effective November 1st 2010,an open burning permit is required at any open outdoor fire including campfires, burn barrels, and propane devices.

Open Burning permits are available by contacting the fire district office at 541 629-8911 for an appointment. Outdoor burning permits may be renewed online at http://www.lakechinookfireandrescue.org/online-permits/

We have assembled some of the most frequently asked questions concerning burning regulations and where to obtain additional information. We hope this article provides you with answers to most of your questions. For further information concerning outdoor burning regulations you may contact us at info@lakechinookfireandrescue.org

Burning Regulations FAQs

Q. Why does the Fire District require valid burning permits?
A. Section 307 of the Oregon Fire Code requires a permit to be obtained from the local fire code official for all open burning.

Q. How do I obtain a valid burning permit?
A. Valid burning permits are issued at the main fire station located at 11700 SW Graham Rd, Culver OR 97734 by appointment by calling the station at 541-629-8911.

Q. How long is your burning permit valid?
A. Burning permits are issued for 1 year, with a clear understanding of permit and burning requirements. The permit is issued to the property owner for that property and is not transferable. If you own two properties, you will need two permits.

Q. Is there a fee for a burning permit?
A. No, There is not currently a fee to receive a valid burning permit.

Q. Is there any other requirements for a Open Burn Permit?
A. Yes, you must have a Green or Red 9-1-1 Address sign installed at your driveway. You may obtain an address sign at the fire station or online. The cost of the sign and installation is $40.00

Q. Where can you find posted information for burning restrictions or regulated closures?
Normally, the only time the district goes into restricted burning regulations or closures is during the summer months when the Oregon Department of Forestry initiates fire season. This is usually June 1st through October 1st. Open burning is restricted when fire season begins with Level 1, and all burn barrels are restricted when Level 2 is initiated unless otherwise posted. The district will advertise restrictions prior to the start of fire season on the website LakeChinookFireandRescue.org. You may also subscribe to our email list to receive current fire restrictions via email. Additional information on restrictions can be obtained by contacting the district office and by calling the Fire Prevention / Fire Restriction line at 541-410-5077.

Q. Can I obtain a burning permit on-line?
A. No, due to the process involved, you must obtain your initial permit at the fire station. Outdoor burning permits may be renewed online at http://www.lakechinookfireandrescue.org/online-permits/